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Sports festivals:

This term, Year 4 have taken part in the Athletics Festival and the Tag Rugby Festival. They were able to learn important rugby skills and work as a good team.

Rory – “I enjoyed the sports festivals because we played fun sports and fun games!”

Ben – “I enjoyed it because of the new games I played!”

Emily – “I enjoyed the sports festivals because it helps me to get my energy out so I don’t run around in the house!”


Youth Makes Music:

Some of Year 4 were able to take part in YMM, we went to West Road in Cambridge and performed with children from Greneway and Meridian!

Maizie – “I enjoyed YMM because it was like being in a choir. It was really fun!”

Iris – “I enjoyed YMM because I got to be with all my friends!”

Alice – “I enjoyed YMM because my friends were with me and the songs were great!”

Zach – “I enjoyed YMM because I liked the dance moves that went with the songs!”

Rhys – “I really enjoyed making the thunderstorm with our bodies for the song Africa.”

Ava – “I enjoyed YMM because I really enjoyed the songs!”




Young Enterprise:

We had a morning of Young Enterprise where Year 4 were introduced to the world of business. They will start to plan and create their own business in the Summer Term.

Alex – “I enjoyed Young Enterprise because I learnt a lot about businesses that I didn’t already know!”

Isabella – “I am enjoying Young Enterprise because we get to sell the things that we like!”

Matthew – “I like Young Enterprise because we got to sell bracelets and it was really fun!”

Ruby – “I liked Young Enterprise because we did lots of fun things and we even got to make bracelets!”


Paradise Wildlife Park:

A few weeks back, Year 4 visited Paradise Wildlife Park and had a brilliant time learning about the Rainforest animals. Although the rain poured down ALL DAY the Year 4’s spirits were not dampened.

Darcy – “I enjoyed PWP because I got to see all the lemurs!”

Roisin – “I enjoyed PWP because we got to see all the animals and we even got to see a cheetah eat a calf’s leg!”

Edward – “I liked the red pandas because they are my favourite colours!”

Alfie – I enjoyed PWP because we got to learn about different rainforest animals and see lots of animals!”

Aimee – “I enjoyed PWP because it was like we were in a real rainforest at the end!”

Oscar R – “I enjoyed PWP because I got to see all my favourite animals and got to see all my friends happy!”

Luke – “I liked PWP because I got to see an anaconda, an animal which I had never seen before!”

Issy – “I enjoyed PWP because I got to see all the monkeys swing from tree to tree!”

Oscar M – “I enjoyed PWP because while we were in the Temple of Angor, I saw the Chinese Alligator swimming round happily!”

Georgia – “I enjoyed looking at the monkeys. I had a monkey friend that always stared at me!”

Elliott – “I enjoyed PWP because we got to see the biggest anaconda and my friends having a wonderful time!”

Blake – “I enjoyed PWP because I got to see the huge anaconda!”

Oscar W – I enjoyed PWP because I got to see a sloth!”




We had our last swimming lesson at Studlands Rise on Friday and we are all really sad about not having our usual Friday routine anymore!

Harry – “I have really enjoyed our swimming lessons on Fridays and I am sad that it’s over!”

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