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Year Four Blog

Alice – I have most enjoyed all of our Youth Speaks work.


Darcy – I have most enjoyed doing our class assembly.


Ruby – I liked art and creating our prints.


Roisin – I have enjoyed preparing for Youth Speaks and working with my group.


Sam – I have enjoyed learning about the Greeks.


Harry – I have enjoyed doing the egg experiment.


Ben – I have enjoyed doing hockey in PE.


Emily – I have enjoyed timing me and my team whilst practising for our Youth Speaks.


Elliott – I have enjoyed all of our science lessons.


Iris – I have enjoyed working with my team and writing paragraphs.


Rory – I have enjoyed playing dodgeball in PE.


Alfie – I have enjoyed doing the Greek dancing in PE.


Rhys – I have enjoyed making the oesophagus and the intestines with tights and bread. It was fun!


Luke – I have enjoyed designing our poster for Youth Speaks, especially drawing the pictures.


Issy – I most enjoyed learning about the Greeks and the Trojan Horse.


Oscar W – I have enjoyed learning about the Trojan War.


Oscar M – I have enjoyed all the learning we have done this term.


Blake – I have enjoyed the chocolate work in PE.


Maizie – I have enjoyed Golden Hour.


Matthew – I have enjoyed all the work that we have done so far.


Ava – I have enjoyed printing in Art.


Zach – I have enjoyed researching for Youth Speaks.


Oscar R – I have enjoyed all of our maths lessons.


Alex - I have enjoyed my maths learning.



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