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Year Four Blog



Harry: “I learnt from the Wood Green visit that animals can become very ill because people don’t look after them. It was really sad to hear about the rabbit whose teeth grew really long because his owners didn’t give him anything to chew on.”



Fraser: “I learnt that if you keep a pet safe and with another friend they can be very happy with their environment.”


Olivia: “We made our own appeals with a partner to help animals at the shelter to get better with a new owner.”




Grace: “I learnt that if you give an animal saw dust it can become very ill. Instead you should use shredded paper.”


Ollie: “It was quite sad hearing about some of the animals that got hurt. It made me upset but it made me want to help them.”


Oliver: “We did an activity were we had to put our hand in a bag and pick something out. We then had to put it in the correct category to help the cat.”



Jack: “I really enjoyed the wood green visit because they brought gerbils and they were allowed to run across our hands.”




Jessica: “I liked the gerbils because they tickled when they ran across my hand.”



Ryan: “At the wood green morning I learnt that if you don’t give an animal enough space then it will not be happy because it can’t run around.”



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