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Year Four Blog


Khloe: “I enjoyed Frinton because the sea was calm and I liked going into the water. I also liked playing in the sand with my friends. Me and my friends made a sandcastle and it was very fun”.



Harry: “I liked the seaside because it was really sandy and windy. I sat down in the sea and I got pushed back a lot. Towards the end of the day I got buried in the sand”.


Elena: “I liked the seaside because it was really fun and I got to dive around in the sea. I also helped my friends make a sand village and I did a bit of sunbathing”.


Felicity: “I loved the seaside because I helped my friends make a big hole in the sand. We then put water in it. The tide came in put we saved all our things before they got wet!”


Rory: “I liked it when me and my friend got buried in the sand because everyone put water and sand on us. I also liked jumping in the waves.”



Thomas: “I enjoyed jumping in the waves and making a big sandcastle with my friends. I also saw my sister and had a look at her sandcastle!”



Eve: “When we went to Frinton, my favourite parts were eating ice creams and jumping on the waves. Me and my friends made a big sandcastle.”



Archie: “At Frinton, I really enjoyed sitting in the sea and letting the waves chuck me about.”



Year 4 child: “At the seaside I liked getting buried by everyone but I got sand in my eyes! We also buried Rory!”




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