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Year Four Blog

Kerrie: “I really enjoyed taking part in the climbing wall because I did the second easiest one first and I nearly pressed the button.”


William: “I really liked sleeping in the tent because it was fun and we got to talk to our friends.”


Lucy: “When we got to the climbing wall, I went to level one first and I managed to complete it. Then, I went to the blue level (level 2) and I completed that too. After that, I went to red level but I couldn’t complete it.”


Year 4 child: “I really liked the camp fire because we got to have hot chocolate and marshmallows. Also, I liked singing the songs!”



Maizie: “I liked the party because we got to play lots of fun games like pass the parcel and we got to have a go at breaking the piñata. I also enjoyed singing songs around the camp fire.”


Elena: “ I liked the climbing wall because I completed it three times but my instincts were telling me “don’t do this”. I don’t like heights but I still did it anyway.”


Harry: “I liked Cuffley Camp and my favourite activity was the climbing wall because I completed level 1 and 3.”


Freya: “I loved Cuffley Camp; I had the best birthday party and I even won pass the parcel.”



Felicity: “I loved the party because we got the piñata and I knocked it down.”



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