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Year Four Blog


Eve: “It was really fun having my dad in school.”



Elena: “I really enjoyed sitting in the lorry and I loved learning about what Mr Gore does for his job.”


Harry: “It was really fun looking around the tractor unit. I enjoyed looking around and going into the truck."


Lucy: “It was really fun going into the lorry and I liked seeing for myself where the blind spots for the driver were."



Maizie: “I enjoyed learning about road safety and I liked going in the truck."


William: “I liked going into the truck and sitting on the seat because it was bouncy."



Archie: “I enjoyed Mr Gore’s visit because we got to look in one of the tractor units. It was good seeing the blind spots and the lorry has a lot more than you think."



Iestyn: “I enjoyed Mr Gore’s visit and I really liked it when he beeped the horn in the tractor unit, it made some people jump!”



Che: “I enjoyed learning about road safety; I learnt a lot of things that you have to look out for. I also liked looking inside the tractor unit at the engine."


Jamie: “When Mr Gore turned the engine on it made me and my friends jump."



Year 4 child: “I really enjoyed going into the lorry. Me and my friends stood at the front of the truck posing."


Thomas: “I liked hearing about the tractor unit and I would like to drive one when I’m older."




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