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Year Four Blog


Iestyn – “I really enjoyed today, especially making the baubles out of paper. It was fun but quite fiddly”.


Stanley – “I liked doing the paper chains today. I also enjoyed making the baubles with Mrs Taylor”.


Charlotte – “Today has been really, really fun doing lots of activities. I have enjoyed going to different classrooms”.


Lucy – “I really liked doing decorations day because you got to make lots of Christmas decorations”.



Archie – “I liked making the Christmas decorations because some of them were a bit tricky but it was worth it as they looked nice after”.


Year 4 child – “Today was very, very good! It has been very exciting making lots of stuff”.



Eve – “I enjoyed decorations day because we got to make different things. I liked making the baubles with Mrs Taylor but they were very fiddly”.



James – “I thought it was fun making the shape Christmas tree decorations, they were fiddly. I also liked making the baubles”.


Thomas – “I really liked making the paper chains and the baubles out of strips of paper”.



Elena – “I really like decorations day because you get to do arts and crafts. My favourite activity was with Miss Collings”.



William – “I found making the baubles really fun with Mrs Taylor. I also liked making the bead decorations”.


Jamie – “I found making paper chains really easy because all you have to do is stick some paper together and you have part of a chain”.  





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