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Year Four Blog


Kerrie: “I enjoyed looking at the Greek pottery and quickly at the end we got to see some artefacts from the Ancient Egyptians”.




Che: “I enjoyed hearing two stories from the museum teacher. One was about Phosphine and the pomegranate and one was about Greek pottery”.



Elena: “I enjoyed the activities we did with our groups and I liked listening to the stories told by the museum teacher. We also looked at some paintings in a gallery and chose a bit of a painting to sketch in our sketch books”.




Maizie: “I enjoyed the Greek activities where we had to explore the Ancient Greece gallery. We had to fill in a sheet by looking around the gallery and finding certain artefacts”.




Eve: “I loved our trip to The Fitzwilliam Museum because we got to do lots of fun activities. My favourite was when we got to look around the Greek gallery and answer certain questions on our booklets”.



Charlotte: “I liked going off with my group to find out the answers to the questions. On the way back on the coach me and my friend fell asleep”.



Harry: “I loved going to The Fitzwilliam Museum because we also got to look at the Ancient Egyptian sections. I liked looking inside the tombs”.




William: “I liked looking at the Ancient Greek carvings. There was one of a party which had a picture of the Gods carved in it. It really made me think about the wonderful architecture the Ancient Greeks had to make those sculptures”.



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