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Year Four Blog



Harry – “I like make and take at Roysia because we got to make a really cool rocket. They fly really far but they were quite tricky to make. On the computers we went on a cool programme called Pivot which allows you to make a move with a man and other characters”.



Charlotte – “I liked the day because we got to make stuff. They were prepared with extra activities if we finished early”.



Kerrie – “I enjoyed making door hangers at Roysia because we got to put whatever we wanted on it”.



Year 4 child – “I enjoyed today because I liked making the rockets and door hangers. I also liked using the programme Pivot”.



Lucy – “I liked making door hangers and rockets at Roysia because when we made the door hangers we could go on the internet and search for whatever pictures we liked. I also liked making the rockets because afterwards we had a go at aiming them at a target”.




James – “I liked making rockets because after we made them we were allowed to try them out on the playground”.




Thomas – “I liked making my rocket because it had more than one wing. I had one concord wing, three space shuttles and three jet plane wings. We got to do a race with our rockets and William won”.




Maizie – “I enjoyed making the door hangers because we got to put anything on it and I enjoyed playing with Pivot afterwards”.



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