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Year Four Blog



Lucy – “I liked doing dance because we got to put on a show at the end”.


Elena – “I loved doing dance because near the end we got to go into our school groups and make up our own little dance. Right at the end we did a competition”.


Che – “I liked basketball because we had our own little groups. We got to compete with really good players and I won a silver medal”.


Thomas – “I liked basketball because I had fun and I enjoyed playing against the other teams. It was also nice to win some of the matches we played”.



William –  “I was quite nervous at the start but our team became quite confident after we lost the first match. But in the end we ended up winning a bronze medal”.


Rory – “I liked tag rugby because it was really fun and we won a medal at the end”.


James – “I like tag rugby because we won most of our matches except one. In one of the matches I scratched my leg and I was worried we wouldn’t get a medal”.


Archie – “I enjoyed the tag rugby, at the end I thought we weren’t going to get a medal when we didn’t come first or second. But we got the bronze medals and I was quite surprised”.


William – “I enjoyed rugby because we won all our matches by over two points, except one”.





Lucy – “At the start I thought I was never going to win a medal but in the end there was a really close hurdle race and we came second, we won a silver medal”.


Year 4 child – “When it was time to give out the medals I thought we were going to get gold but in the end we got silver”.




Year 4 child – “I liked boccia because we won a match and I really enjoyed it”.



Year 4 child – “At the start we did a parade and we were Libya. We all had a flag that we held and some people held a big banner at the front”.




Max – “When I was doing cricket the funniest bit was when we got to hit the ball. I ate my lunch super quick so by the time it got to lunch time It was all gone”.




 Thomas – “I did like BMX because we got to go over ramps and do jumps”.





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