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Find out more about what the year three children have been learning with
Mr Brathwaite, Mrs Charwin and Miss Haynes.





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Year Three Blog

Here are some of the things that Year 3 had to say:


“I have really enjoyed playing Hockey this term. I have learnt how to dribble and how to pass now. I really enjoyed playing the Hockey games too.” Elsie


“I love PE because it gets me running around and the activities are always really fun. Hockey has been really fun. I love my break times too because I get to play with all my friends. We have made up some new games this term, one is called “Doll House” and the other is called “Mums and Dads.” Frankie


“I liked working on the Stone Age. We have just finished the topic but my best lesson was making the cave paintings. We made fossils in Science with Mrs Hill, they are so cool. I have written some really good stories in literacy too.” Phoebe


“We are making Kites in our DT. Did you know that once a 16 year old boy called Homan Walsh helped to start the building of the Niagara Falls bridge by using his kite? I found that really amazing.




Our class reading book is called the Lost Island of Tamarind. It’s really, really good. There are evil monkeys and a child stealer in it. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.”




“I love the Daily Mile. It’s really good because it gives me exercise and it’s really fun to run. I really like literacy too, I like writing and I loved our last book that we read, called The Journey.”


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