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Mr Brathwaite, Mrs Charwin and Miss Haynes.





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Year Three Blog




“I really enjoyed making my kite in DT. It was a bit tricky but I had a good plan to follow. Everyone had a different design, they were all really good.” Poppy

“My kite was a delta design. I really liked making it. I especially liked making the tail of the kite because you had make bows for it and it looked really good.” Imogen

“Making my kite was so much fun. I designed a diamond kite and then decorated it with skulls, fire and wavy patterns.” Charlie







“I enjoy my Jigsaw lessons. We play lots of fun games and learning. The lesson makes me feel happy and relaxed.” Beth

“In Jigsaw we learnt about how to stay safe. We learnt about early warning signs. We learnt about good drugs and bad drugs.” Sophie

“Jigsaw lessons have been really good. We made a dreams and goals garden which I think  looks really nice. My dream is to be able to do a “round the world” move in football, I need to practise a lot!” Grace





“We have been learning about the Romans in our History lessons. My favourite lesson was when we learnt about Roman roads. The A10 is a Roman road and goes through Cambridge, Royston and London.” Daniel

“I have loved learning about the Romans this term. It was really interesting finding out about Boudicca and how the rebellion started. I have read a book all about the Romans now too.” Seth

“I liked learning about the Roman gods and goddesses. We played a really fun game and I learnt a lot. Did you know that Jupiter is the King of the gods and Pluto is the god of the underworld?” Sam



“I have got really good at my timetables. We have a times table challenge every Friday. The challenge is always against yourself and you have to try to beat your score from last week.” Ellis



“I enjoyed Science this term. We had to blow through a tube to find out our lung capacity. I blew the most with 2.5 litres.” Hamish





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