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Year Three Blog

Rory – “I enjoyed learning about the soldiers because they are different to us and seeing the different clothes and armour they wore. It must have been hard for them to fight and to march.”

Ava – “I enjoyed the market day. I liked it because we got to dress up and test our learning on Romans. My favourite part was the Mosaics because I liked the designs.”

Alex – “I enjoyed when we looked through the different tunnels in the museum because it was very interesting.”

Georgia – “On the 1st of March Year 3 went on a trip to the Verulamium Museum. At the museum I enjoyed looking at the mosaics because they were pretty and there were lots of patterns.”

Emily – “We walked around the sire in our groups, learning things about the Romans. I learnt that rich romans used little spoons to clean out their ears. I also learnt that when the Romans dies they had precious stuff buried with them because they wanted to take it with them to the afterlife.”

Oscar W – “I learnt that St.Albans is names after a Roman who joined Christianity and was executed by the Roman Empire.”

Sam – “My favourite part of the trip was when I got to see a mannequin cooking because I saw how they cooked and ate.”

Oscar R – “I enjoyed seeing the ruins at Verulamium. My favourite part of the Verulamium Museum was seeing the coins. I learned what the Roman coins were made from.”

Aimee – “I enjoyed looking at the mosaics because they had different, very unique and unusual patterns.”

Layla – “My favourite bit was smelling the fish sauce, I mostly enjoyed learning about the romans ripping their tummies and putting salt in their tummies to stop it from hurting.”

Maizie – “My favourite part of the day was dressing up as a Roman person because we got to go round the village and pretend to buy things”.

Alfie – “I found it interesting when we went and saw the stadium where other countries and Romans battled. I also enjoyed having lunch and playing on the climbing frame.”

Luke – “I enjoyed pulling out the draws and looking at the Roman pottery because it was very interesting.”

Alice – “I enjoyed seeing the creepy skeletons because I liked the metal coffin that a man from the early age’s lay in.”

Izzy – “When we visited the Verulamium Museum it as very enjoyable. My favourite part of the day was looking at the wonderful mosaics because there were many patterns and colours.”

Rhys – “My favourite part of the day was the worksheet, for this there were objects set up on the tables. We had to connect the words on the sheet to the objects.”

Ben – “My favourite part of our visit to the Roman Verulamium Museum was the activity at the start of the day when we had to match a description to an object.”

Ruby – “I learnt people who wore purple were rich. I also learnt that tunics were made to be long.”

Oscar M – “On our trip to the Verulamium Museum I enjoyed seeing the Roman ruins. I thought they were interesting because they included a wrecked Roman theatre and a Roman marketplace.”

Zach – “I enjoyed the skeletons and the fish sauce. The smell of the fish sauce was nice. The Death and Buried section was my favourite part because it had a tomb.”

Darcy – “I enjoyed the skeletons because I have never seen them so it was exciting. I also learnt that the Romans are rotten because they invaded the country and killed the Celts.”

Roisin – “It was very cool because I saw a real Roman skeleton. I loved it when we saw a real Roman mosaic, one was of a man and one was of a peacock.”

Harry – “My favourite bit was when my group went to see the skeletons hence they were very old! We had to fill in a quiz sheet.”

Blake – “My favourite part was when I got to go up the front while I was wearing the longest tunic out of the class.”

Iris – “Mt favourite part was when we got to dress up and go shopping Romany style because the man was funny and it was fun because I had to choose the right thing.”

Isabella C – “I enjoyed the dressing up even though the clothes were itchy. I learnt that the Celts wore checked clothes.”

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