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Year Three Blog

Today I enjoyed the schoolympics because I scored some goals and I got a medal – Blake


I enjoyed bean bag throwing at the Schoolympics – Ruby


Today I had lots of fun because it gave me energy! – Layla


In the schoolympics I loved dancing – Alex


I liked playing a game called hot potato! – Matthew


I liked it because I came fourth – Zach


I got a medal and I then I got to go on the podium after I got my medal – Luke


Today in the schoolympics, I played rugby and I got a silver medal – Rory


It was fun when I got a medal – Edward


It was hard but I worked hard. It was really fun! – Iris


I enjoyed football and I hit a cross bar – Alfie


I really enjoyed playing tag rugby and I was so happy when I got a silver medal – Oscar M


I loved the dance because I loved the dance moves! – Aimee


I didn’t get a medal but I had fun because I was in a good mood! – Darcy


I enjoyed playing football and having fun! – Emily


I tried to win a medal in BMX but I didn’t win one. It doesn’t matter though because I tried my hardest! – Sam


My favourite part was doing the push passes. You push and then pass – Georgia


Today at Schoolympics I really enjoyed fun games and activities with the balls – Ben


Today was awesome! I was doing BMX with Sam I came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I have done super for my first time. I can’t wait to do it next year! – Issy


I enjoyed running 50 metres in under 9 seconds and the hurdles. I did athletics, it was fun! – Roisin


I enjoyed playing cricket with Rhys, we tried our hardest but we didn’t win a medal – Oscar W


I enjoyed getting my bronze medal and doing push passes and all the other activities! – Alice


I was a team captain in Tag Rugby at the Schoolympics! – Oscar R

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