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Year Three Blog




“The race for life was hard because we did four laps but I had fun” – Che.   


“I liked the race for life because at the end me and Max drew, we both crossed the finish line at the same time” – Harry.


“The race for life was kind of scary at the start because lots of people were watching us. My friend helped me to finish it” – Eve.  


“I was quite scared and I thought I would run out of breath half way through but I knew I had to complete it” – Elena.


“I was quite nervous at the start because I was worried I wouldn’t complete it. But in the end I did complete it and I got a medal” – Lucy P.  


“In the race for life, me and Jamie ran at the back. Mrs Hill and Mrs Stimson helped us and encouraged us”. – Haydon.   


“In the race for life at first I was exhausted but on the last lap I thought I was doing very well” – Kerrie.   


“At the end of the race, near the finish line Thomas O just overtook me but I didn’t mind” – Alistair.


“I really enjoyed the race for life because I came third and it was my birthday” – Iestyn.


“The race for life was a bit tiring because you had to do 4 laps. But in the end me and Harry had a tie” – Max.  


“I got lapped by a few people but it was still fun” – Jamie.   


“When we were racing on our last lap it was a bit hard to sprint because I was tired. Elena was beating me but at the last second we drew”. – Charlotte C.




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