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Mr Brathwaite, Mrs Charwin and Miss Haynes.





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Year Three Blog

“It was a long coach journey but we had lots of fun making loom bands” Thomas O.


“When I got there I saw the sea was a long way away so it took me a long time to walk down there”. Elena.


“When I go there I had some sweets, then me and Rory went into the sea. We were splashing each other”. Iestyn.


“Me, Rory, Thomas H and Iestyn went over to the rocks and we made a new invention called ‘The Rory Rod’ (Fishing rod – looking for crabs)”. William G.


“It was just as fun as last year especially when we watched Punch and Judy”. William A.


“I liked it when we made a long stream where we dug up the sand and found water”. Year 3 child.


“I liked it when I splashed around in the sea in my new swimming costume”. Lucy A.


“I went hunting for crabs and sea creatures in the sea”. Year 3 child.


“Me and my friends built a castle using our sand buckets”. Year 3 child.


“We built a sandcastle and then we went running down to the sea and found a dead jelly fish”. Maizie.


“When it started raining the stream we had built started to overflow”. Thomas H.


“The ice cream was very yummy”. Stanley


“On our coach on the way back there was a nasty smell in the coach”. Charlotte C.


“On our way back me and my friends played Simpsons top trumps on the coach”. Haydon.



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