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Miss Windsor, Mrs Batchelor and Miss Walkiden.





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Year Two Blog

“This term we have been learning about Queen Victoria and the Victorians. Queen Victoria went on the throne at the age of 18. She married her cousin Prince Albert and they had 9 children. I enjoyed sticking and cutting to make my collage of Queen Victoria. I’m looking forward to my class trip.”

Charlotte B


“We’ve been making 3D sharks for our Home Learning this term. I made a blue shark so I gave it blue skin. I made mine using blue paper and by folding it very carefully. It is linked into our Literacy work on non-fiction books. We are making our own shark books too.” Jasmine


“I have really enjoyed making my collage of Queen Victoria. We started by tracing which helped us have an outline. Some of the Victorians were very poor. Their children didn’t go to school but went to work instead. Queen Victoria changed this and made sure that all children went to school. The teachers were very strict and they had a cane.” Jake


“I loved the Henry Moore work and our class visit to the Henry Moore Foundation. The best bit was shading using the 6B shading pencils. I am very proud of my drawing.” Jenifer


“In maths we have been doing our times tables and learning multiplication. We have been looking at groups in multiplication and arrays too. I am really good at it.” Cameron

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