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Year One Blog


In history, we loved doing some learning,

About a fire that set London burning.

It started it a bakery on Pudding Lane,

And London was never the same again!

Houses were made of wood in 1666,

But after the fire the King ordered bricks!

In science, we found out about the 4 seasons,

Why are our clothes different? What are the reasons?

In the summer, it’s hot so we wear t-shirts and shorts,

We spend our time outside playing all kinds of sports.

But in winter it’s cold so we wrap up tight,

We play out in the snow and have a snowball fight!

Robins stay in the UK all year round,

But what do they do when there’s no food on the ground?

We put out food so they don’t go hungry,

On a bird table, the ground or hanging from a tree!

In literacy, we looked for a big brown bear,

But we couldn’t find it anywhere!

Until a brave explorer came and pointed the way,

Then we saw pictures of real bears from her holiday!

In maths, we’ve been learning number pairs to ten,

Mr Brathwaite has made us do them over and over again!

We’ve done some adding, and taking away,

We even built 3d shapes the other day.

There is a new member of class called Jigsaw Jack,

He helps us with our learning and keeps us on track.

Jack teaches us things like right and wrong,

And how to respect each other and get along.

So there you have it, so many things to learn,

But we can’t wait to start again next half term!

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