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Darcy – I enjoyed picking up Katie in Year 3 for a cheerleading pose.


Maizie – I like it when I collected the trophy for our class.


Matthew – I enjoyed doing the hockey because there were a lot of fun activities.


Alice – I enjoyed performing my dance in front of everybody.


Sam – I enjoyed doing Change 4 Life because I got to do archery.


Aimee – I enjoyed Change 4 Life because I got to do archery and got 10 points!


Ruby – I liked Change 4 Life because we got to make our own games.


Emily – I enjoyed it when I got my gold medal with Rory, Alfie and Luke.


Issy – I enjoyed picking up Freya in Cheerleading and also doing lots of jumps.


Ben – I enjoyed scoring tries in tag rugby!


Elliott – I enjoyed BMX because everyone in my team managed to get at least one point!


Roisin – I enjoyed Change 4 Life because me and Ruby got to race on stilts.


Alex – I liked practising for the performance in Dance.


Edward – I liked playing football because Me and Blake were trying to score a goal.


Alfie –I enjoyed playing Golf because the activities were really fun!


Rhys – I enjoyed football because all of my team mates were playing well.


Iris – I enjoyed football because there were lots of people that I knew – even my cousin!


Rory – I enjoyed golf, especially when I played lots of ‘nice shots’!


Luke – I liked doing the bulls eye with the Velcro pads and trying to hit the ball onto it.


Blake – I enjoyed football because it was really fun.


Ava – I enjoyed hockey because we got to do lots of different activities.


Oscar W – I enjoyed hockey, especially when I scored a goal.


Harry – I enjoyed cycling because Elliott cheered me on and I cheered him on. I won first place and Elliott won second in a race!