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Find out more about what the Nursery and  Reception children have been learning with the Foundation Stage team: Mrs Dipple, Miss Foster, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Pope, Mrs Brent and Mrs Rowe.





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The children have been learning through the topic of ‘Come Outside’.  We started our topic with learning about plants. The children learnt about what a plant needs to grow and did some fantastic drawings of the parts of a plant.  We read ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’ and the children planted their own bean and kept a bean diary.  The children did a good job of taking care of their bean plants and when they were ready, they were planted in the school growing patch.


Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, the children explored the wooded area and collected their own materials to create their own artwork.  They did a great job using a range of materials such as leaves, sticks, and stones.


The children then learnt about mini-beasts.  We looked at their similarities and differences and their habitats.  We went on a mini-beast hunt and observed the life cycle of a butterfly first hand.  The children had an opportunity to participate in a range of mini-beast activities including making bees and threading a spiders web.


The children looked at ‘The Snail’ by Henry Matisse and created their own masterpieces using colour blocks of paper.  As Henri Matisse himself says “painting with scissors.”


In maths, the children found the difference between values and discussed simple addition and subtraction problems.  They have been exploring the composition of numbers up to 10 and learning about number 10 and some more.


The children have finished the term with everything ‘Jubilee’.  They have made crowns, sun catchers and have done some wonderful writing about why Queen Elizabeth is special.


We hope you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to our new topics ‘To the Rescue’ and ‘Fun at the Seaside’.