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Find out more about what the Nursery and  Reception children have been learning with the Foundation Stage team: Mrs Dipple, Miss Foster, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Pope, Mrs Brent and Mrs Rowe.





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We learnt about pets including pets in the past.  We looked at exotic pets and made a poster of how to look after them.  We then learnt about nocturnal animals.  Did you know that moles live alone?   We also learnt about different habitats and created an amazing habitat display. 




Finally we learnt about different farm animals and the most exciting thing was we went to the farm.  It was great fun. We saw lots of farm animals, ate our lunch in the barn and played in the playground.




We also celebrated ‘Pancake Day’ making and eating delicious pancakes for snack and Holi, the festival of colours, making powder paint people. 

The children enjoyed science day, going on a worm hunt and making a wormery. 




We learnt about the planet Mars and designed an animal that could grow and live on Mars.


We went on a lovely spring walk, looking for the signs of spring and created some beautiful observational drawings of the spring flowers on the school grounds.




We finished the term by learning about why we celebrate Easter, reading the Easter story.  Did you know that on “Easter Sunday Jesus turned into an angel?”


In maths the children have been exploring numbers, finding the parts of the whole and then regrouping the parts to find the whole.


Wow what a busy term we have had!