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Find out more about what the Nursery and  Reception children have been learning with the Foundation Stage team: Mrs Dipple, Miss Foster, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Pope, Mrs Brent and Mrs Rowe.





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We started with exploring the Arctic and asking the question can people live in the Arctic. Yes, they can, or at least some parts of it!  The children made a list of what they thought they would need on an Arctic expedition.  We learnt about the animals that live in the Arctic and found out that penguins only live in Antarctica!  In choosing, the children explored a range of activities including drawing their favourite Arctic animal and creating snowflakes with loose parts.



Then we found an egg………..  Then the next day we came in and our garden and classroom were very messy.  Following the clues, we decided that a dinosaur had visited us!  We had fun making ‘no dinosaurs allowed’ posters and writing letters to the dinosaur.  We learnt the different types of habitats that dinosaurs lived in and created our own habitat pictures.  We learnt about the differences between dinosaurs and made some amazing dinosaur models from junk and play dough.





We learnt about China.  Did you know they invented paper and umbrellas!  We learnt about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.  We created our own ribbon dances, performed them to the class, and made paper dragons and tiger faces.




We have finished the term learning about space.  Q Pootle 5 landed in our garden and we had to help him by designing him a new space ship. We have gone on space adventures in our space station role-play and we have used different media to create our own planets.  We watched Neil Armstrong’s moon landing and discussed what we would need to take if we went on a space mission.







In maths, we have been learning about patterns, categorising objects and practising our counting skills, comparing quantities and finding the difference between values.  In phonics, we are consolidating our learning of the set 1 sounds and using our phonics in our literacy activities.