Foundation Stage Blog



Find out more about what the Nursery and  Reception children have been learning with the Foundation Stage team: Mrs Dipple, Miss Foster, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Pope, Mrs Brent and Mrs Rowe.





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So far this term, we have been learning about sequencing stories such as ‘Peace at Last’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have discussed main characters and plots within stories and have enjoyed learning lots of sounds in phonics to use in our writing.


In Maths, we have been learning how to form our numbers correctly. We made houses using different 2D shapes and enjoyed continuing and creating our own repeating patterns using colours and shapes. We have used Numicon and number lines to help us to add one more to a given number.


The children have been very creative and have had lots of fun exploring and using different textures and materials to make their own junk model houses, paper plate versions of their faces and the three little pig’s houses. We have worked together as a team to create a jungle den reading area and we have been exploring rhythm with instruments and using our body to move in time to the music.




We have been learning how to code by giving our Bee-Bots instructions, sending them to different locations on a map and even predicting how far we need to send them to reach our friends. We had lots of fun making predictions and testing what objects the wind will blow.


We have explored our exciting new mud kitchen where we have ‘baked’ lots of delicious cakes.