Here is some of the information that the children would like to share about their learning:


“Climate change is caused by Greenhouse Gases- Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide. The gases are bad for your health and lungs especially because they can be poisonous gases from the pollution. The Greenhouses gases trap the heat from the sun inside our planets Ozone layer, which heats up the Earth.”



“The Tundra is a dry, cold and windy place. There can be permafrost there. Tundra is in the Polar regions.”




“Did you know when the sea gets warmer, the coral dies and becomes white. This is called coral bleaching.”



“Sea levels are rising because of the Polar ice caps melting. This is because of climate change. Small islands like the Maldives and Caribbean are at risk of being covered by the ocean. Some people are losing their homes.”



“Flowers are growing in different places because the birds are eating seeds, but when they migrate those seeds are then able to grow in different habitats that they haven’t been able to grow in before. This is because of climate change.”



“Greenhouse gases surround the Earth and trap the heat from the sun.   


This makes the temperature on Earth rise. It has risen by 1 degrees centigrade in the last 100 years, that is a lot and the ice is melting in the arctic and Antarctic. This makes the sea levels rise.”



“Greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere. The suns rays and warmth get in to the earth, but they cannot get out. The world then gets warmer. Greenhouse gases come from pollution, burning fossil fuels, farming, burning rainforests and deforestation as well as overpopulation.”



“Climate change is making the temperature on earth go up. It has gone up by 1 degree in 100 years. We must try and stop climate change because animals are becoming endangered, their food sources are becoming smaller. The weather can become really extreme, with lightning storms, hurricanes, floods, and really hot weather too.”



“Climate change is making our planet warmer. We can stop it by using less cars, stop burning fossil fuels, recycling and using less energy. We need to stop deforestation and destruction of the rainforest.”








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