“We went to Mountfitchet Castle......

. It’s a Norman settlement, but Vikings had lived there too. I liked seeing the punishments, they had something called a Hell Hole, which people were put in if they broke the law. It was basically a hole in the ground, there might have been rats in there that would eat your flesh. They were left in there with no food or water until they died.” Robyn


“We learned about Fables in Literacy and how to write them. We made our own fables up. Mine was about a bear and a sheep. The sheep kept charging at the bear so the bear trapped the sheep to teach it a lesson. The moral of my fable was “If you are kind, then other people will be kind to you.” Sophie


“In  maths we have learned about methods of addition, we had missing numbers in column addition calculations to work out. We also had to try and write our own realistic word problems. I really liked doing it and did really well” Olivia


“In our topic we have been learning about Vikings. We learnt all about Valhalla and what it means to Vikings. Valhalla was heaven for Vikings, where they could fight all day and feast all night. We learnt that Vikings didn’t really have horns on their helmets and that they came from Denmark, Sweden and Scandinavian tribes in Longboats.” Bea


“Today I did my ten times tables. I really enjoyed it. I got them all right.” Finlay


“I am in Sports Crew. You get to help people in sports and join in activities and games to keep fit. I really enjoy doing it because I get to meet all the younger children and play with some from reception too.” George





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