We have been learning all about Rainforests and the effects of deforestation. We have painted pictures, written stories and descriptions and done quizzes about it. My favourite bit of our topic was writing the stories because I love writing stories and I like how my story had a problem in it that got solved at the end.” Maggie


I have liked learning about decimals in maths. It makes you think hard about the maths and I have really enjoyed working out the smallest to largest decimal numbers by looking at the tenths and hundredths.” Cooper


I love PE. In PE we have been doing gymnastics, we have been going on the apparatus and learning about flight. I’m getting really good at it. It’s so much fun.” Erin


I like learning about the Rainforest. We have written stories about the rainforest. We are reading a class book called “The Lost Island of Tamarind” it’s so good, sometimes it is really tense and exciting.” Cal


I enjoy practising our assemblies. We also did a Christmas play at Christmas time, I was a host which was a main part. There were a lot of songs to learn. We have learnt songs for our assemblies too about rainforests and one of them is a Spanish song.” Vinny





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