There were enough activities to keep us busy- Human Hungry Hippos and the Cresta Run being two of them.


We slept surprisingly well (to the joy of our teachers) and we were up extremely early (not so much joy from the teachers) - ready to start a new day each time.


Our breakfast was very fancy and we liked having a change of scene. The place was quiet, calm and had wildlife all over it. Many of us spotted Red Kites, as well as unusual squirrels, and one pupil even recognised what looked like a snake!


We climbed trees and rolled down the hills (Mrs Holmes included!)


We also enjoyed sitting around the campfire, singing our camp songs that we had created/ researched and toasting marshmallows.


There were a few falls (poor Mrs Warenius even fell over the tree stump!). But we were able to help one another, work as a team and we all had such a positive attitude during the entire duration of the trip.


Below are a few ‘sneak preview’ pictures of the fun we had. To see more, please attend our Class Assembly this Thursday, where we will be sharing our experiences in more depth and there will certainly be enough photos! We look forward to seeing you all there!








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