We have continued to learn about climate change and have started a little mini topic about rainforests. We have found out about some countries that have rainforests and researched some of the unusual animals that live there.


In English, we have started looking at adventure stories. We have been using ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith as a stimulus. It is about a little Hedgehog called Max who is desperate to find out how humans cross the road safely. 



In science with Mrs Hill, we investigated whether the temperature affects the speed that a plant’s stem transports water up the stem. We used the dye of a felt tip pen and water then put some white flowers in the dyed water. We put each flower in a different environment, one in the fridge, one in a warm cupboard and one in the classroom. We observed each flower at regular intervals to see whether the dye had travelled up the stem and started to colour the petals. We found that the flower in the warmest environment transported the water up the stem the quickest.  







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