“We had a day at the Victorian Museum.


The teacher has to check your hands before you come into school to see if they are dirty. Victorian children had to pay to go to school.” Felicity


“The Victorian school was fun. I liked it because outside we got to play with all the Victorian toys. I didn’t like it when Alice got the cane!” Zerin


“Victorian children used special pens with ink. I got the ink on my hands a little bit. We used a slate to write on too.” Emily


“Victorian teachers were very strict. Alice got the cane and Larissa got the Dunce hat. I knew it was pretend but if it was real it would have been scary!” Evie


“I liked it when we were looking at the toys and we had to decide if they were Victorian toys or not. I loved it on the coach too.” Dev


“We went on our trip and had lunch in our lunchboxes. My Daddy made me a ham sandwich and peperami and banana. I loved the school trip, the coach was fun too, I sat next to Casper.” Reuben




















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