...with the highlights including celebrations for the Queens Jubilee and attending the KJAR Multi-Skills Festival.


They have worked really hard on their learning, including multiplication and division in maths and poetry in literacy. They have loved learning all about the Victorians in topic work. Well done Year1! Here are some of the things the children would like to say about being in Year 1:


“In Year 1 I love playing with the Lego. I love playing with my friends. Artie is my friend.” Ryan


“We went to KJAR for a festival. I liked doing the obstacle course because it was so much fun.” Lottie


“We went to King James academy. We played games and fun activities. It was good to go out, it was fun. My favourite bit was where we had to hop in a basket.” Emily


“In Year 1 I love the learning. I’ve liked learning all about the Queen.” Ralph


“I love writing and drawing. I’ve got so much better at my spellings because I practise really well. My favourite thing to learn is maths and especially adding up.” Taylor


“I like writing because it’s fun. At school I get to play with all my friends.” Holly


“I like the woods.” Noah











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