The children have had a busy term.  They have been learning through our topic of ‘What happens in other worlds?’  There has been a mystery visitor who left us an egg and an alien crash-landed in our garden. 


The children made a prediction of what was in the egg, but after it hatched and looking at the clues many of the children decided a dinosaur had visited us.  They learnt about dinosaur habitats, sorted dinosaurs according to what they ate and designed their own dinosaurs. 


They have also been busy designing a spacecraft for our alien so he can get to his moon party and some of the children have enjoyed writing to our visitor.  In art the created, their own planets combining different media and materials and the end result was many wonderful planets including Planet Shiny Shimmy Shiny and Planet Night time. 







In maths, they have been exploring the ‘Magnitude of Number’.  Ordering numbers, talking about their position in the number line, and finding parts of a whole. 









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