They have been learning about everyday superheroes and have enjoyed being firefighters and police officers.


The children learnt about how emergency vehicles and uniforms have changed over the years.


We then had a visit from the Evil Pea! The children made wanted posters to try to capture him but that did not work, so they wrote him a letter but that did not work.  So the children decided they needed to make traps to try to capture him and it worked! The Evil Peas were captured.


The children have also been creative making their own lolly stick superheroes and fantastic masks. In literacy, the children read a range of books linked to our topic and then used their super phonics to write about people who help us and designed and wrote about their own superheroes. 


As part of our seaside topic, the children learnt about visiting the seaside past and present.  The children were very excited when we had a visit from the ice-cream man and enjoyed eating ice cream in the sunshine. The children then designed their own ice creams using a range of media and materials.


In maths, the children have been learning about doubling and halving.  The children have had fun going on 2d shape hunt and exploring 3d shapes. 


This term the children also had a fantastic sports day and enjoyed competing in a range of races including the obstacle race and egg and spoon race. Even the mums and dads joined in with a water race!


It has been a very busy year in Reception.  We hope that everyone has a lovely summer holiday.















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