What the Parents Say


Please read below to see some of the positive comments that parents have
shared about our school.




What the Parents Say



“We are very pleased with the progress our child is making.”


“I am very glad I chose Studlands Rise for my child and would highly recommend the school to anyone. The staff are caring and work hard.”


“I would thoroughly recommend this school to others. The staff are excellent and both my children love this school!”


“My child really enjoys their learning.”


“It's a warm, friendly, inviting school. It provides a good start to a child's education.”


“Really pleased with how my child is progressing and how enthusiastic his teacher is about his learning.”


“My children are very happy here and we are very pleased with their progress. The school has excellent staff.”


“The yellow reading record books have improved as they now contain details of the book band my child is reading at. This is really helpful to me as a parent to understand what he is learning and achieving at the current level and what he needs to do to move onto the next level. With the colour coded reading books I know he will be choosing new books that will help him learn. I am finding the comments at the front of the reading record useful so that I know how I can help at home and he has already bought home books that he is more interested in, which I am delighted about.”


“You have created thousands of smiles in school - thank you!”


“The school has a very positive vibe about it.”


“This afternoon was so lovely thank you - in a busy busy life it was great to sit with my children and do some craft. We used to do loads of cooking/painting etc together but now they're older they want to do it by themselves so today was perfect - thank you.” (Following our Mother's Day afternoon)